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Ben Navaee Gallery

Ārām and Relaxing Art
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          Our Mandate:                               
1. Presenting original, affordable, contemporary art
.2.  Raising awareness and funds to help with different issues like poverty, homelessness, disease, devastation of the forces of nature, injustices of the world, or any other problems and challenges facing human beings

How do we begin to tackle all the injustices of the world when the problems and challenges facing many of our citizens seem so overwhelming?Poverty, homelessness, disease, the devastation of the forces of nature- what can we possibly contribute that will have a substantial and positive impact on our fellow human beings and to remedy the situations in which many find themselves? The answer lies in our ability to do what we can within the limitations of our skills, talents, finances, personal abilities and, sometimes, even within our inabilities. One thing is for certain, the mind and our capacity to hope and dream recognizes no boundaries or limitations. What we can conceive, we truly can achieve. In fact, I will go one step further and confide that what we can conceive - through the strength of our will, meditation, connecting to our spirit and compassion - we can truly manifest. We are capable and free to think as large or small as we feel compelled. The universe is filled with amazing energy and beautiful secrets that we merely need to open our minds toward and to allow to enter our souls in order to unleash their powers and find solutions. Being receptive to knowledge, to allow ourselves to become educated on critical issues and, in turn, sharing that knowledge with others gives us power and is ultimately the most rewarding experience that life has to offer.



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     About Us     
Ben Navaee Gallery has been relocated from 29 Bellair St. in
 Yorkville, to the beautiful gallery at 1111 Queen St. East in 2006;
 In July 2011, moved from 1111 to 1107 Queen St. East. The new 
place is also flooded with natural light and is in the heart of 
Toronto's film District / Leslieville. 


Benefit Exhibition to Support HIV AIDS through
Aids Community Care Montreal 
The ensemble "Afternoon Classics" performs at the 
opening reception

For information about Project HOPE please visit





Ben Navaee Gallery is a support centre for Project HOPE

 -central location and drop-off centre for Ontario artists.


La galerie de Ben Navaee est un centre d'assistance pour Projet de l'ESPOIR endroit et baisse-décentré centraux pour des artistes d'Ontario.


Opening Reception: Dec. 13, 2008,  3:30 - 5:00 pm

with Live Music of

Afternoon Classics


We celebrate the 60th birthday of Universal Human


and congradulate Amnesty International for defending 

these rights around the world 



On December 10, 1948 the General Assembly of the United Nations adopted and proclaimed the 

Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

These rights include civil/political, economic/social andenvironmental/cultural/developmental rights:

The right to life, protest, privacy, and a fair trial.

The right to freedom of opinion, thought, conscience andreligion.
The right to freedom from discrimination, torture, 

andslavery (exploitation).
The rights to: food, shelter, health care, education,

The rights to live in a clean / protected environment

The right to, economic, political, and cultural 


2nd Human Rights Exhibition in Support of 

Amnesty International



The idea of "Small Is Beautiful" is expressed in any 
media, from miniature to 2 sq-ft or 288 sq-in or 12 inches 
each direction for 3 dimensional works. 
Small Is Beautiful   "Economics As
 If People Mattered"
A book by E. F. Schumacher, published in 70s 
responding to emerging globalization.
Schumacher was for 20 years the Chief 
Economic Adviser to the National Coal Board 
in the United Kingdom. He was one of the first economists to question the appropriateness of 
using GNP to measure human well being, 
emphasizing that “the aim ought to be to obtain 
he maximum amount of well being with the 
minimum amount of consumption.” 
 work coincided with the growth of ecological 
concerns and with the birth of environmentalism, 
which is a movement centered around ecology, 
health, and human rights. It demands the 
sustainable management  of resources and 
protection of the natural environment through 
changes in public and individual behavior.
Schumacher said:"[A modern economist] is 
used to measuring the 'standard of living' by
 the amount of annual consumption, assuming 
all the time that a man who consumes more is 
'better off' than a man who consumes less. 
Buddhist economist would consider this 
approach excessively irrational: since 
consumption is merely a means to human
 well-being, the aim should be to obtain the 
maximum of well-being with the minimum of consumption. The less toil there is, the more 
time and strength is left for artistic creativity. 
Modern economics, on the other hand, 
considers consumption to be the sole end 
and purpose of all economic activity." ….. "
It is clear, therefore, that Buddhist economics 
must be very different from the economics 
of modern materialism, since the Buddhist 
sees the essence of civilization not in a 
multiplication of wants but in the purification
 of human character. Character, at the same 
time, is formed primarily by a man's work. 
And work, properly conducted in conditions 
of human dignity and freedom, blesses those 
who do it and equally their products.”


Fundraising for Aid-to-Women  (charity reg. # 8898594680001)


Ben Navaee shows his new Ārām art- paintings with soothing 

impressions,to support Aid-to-Women. All net proceeds of 

the art are directed towardshelping women in crisis pregnancy

- women without medical insurance,

separated from family, or suffering job loss, and financial



Ben Navaee présente ses nouvelles peintures de Ārām 

avec de 
charmantes impressions afin d’apporter son support aux 

femmes (Aid-to-Women). Tout les revenus nets de son art sont 

utilisés pour aider la cause des femmes en crise de grossesse 

n’ayant pas accès à l’assurance-maladie,  séparée de leur famille, 

ou souffrant d’une perte de travail et d’une instabilité financière.


Awareness / Fundraising
for Sick Children 
Hospital's Pain Centre 
Sick Kids Exhibition is a fund/awareness raising 
event with 3 components:
1. Sick Children will make art at the hospital. 
These art works will be shown and sold at the
 Ben Navaee Gallery to raise funds for Pain Centre 
of Hospital for Sick Children.  
2. Emerging to professional artists are welcomed 
and encourged to donate their artwork for this cause.
3. Ben Navaee Gallery will host the event, 
donates the commissions to sick Kids and
 10 small limited edition, framed artworks that will be 
given as prizes for a draw
Please support Stephany by participating at:
 When Home is the Hospital
Stephanie Clayton has a birth defect called 
omphalocele and was born with several organs
 outside her body. Shehas lived most of her 
life at The Hospital for Sick Children, Toronto, 
but struggles to live life as a normal child.
To learn more about Stephany and her illness


Photographs taken at a workshop done in Sick Kids


March 2010













We thank the support and donations of:
Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Stevenson Art Supplies Manufacturing
Bienfang Framing Products, and Sakura of America

There is no submission / administration fee. You 
only pay if your work is accepted to the competition.
 We charge your credit card only when you are
All proceeds from this competition and 30% 
commission from the sales of the artworks which 
is gallery's share will be directed to UNICEF
to help children. Artists will get all their 70% from 
the sales of their artworks.
Children and youth pay no entry fee.
The show of winning entries runs from
December 20 - 26, 2008. Opening Reception on 
Saturday, December 20, 2008, 3:30 - 5:00 pm
light fare and and live music. A representative of 
 UNICEF will be speaking at this event.
We thank the support and donations of:
Harvey Kalles Real Estate, Sakura of America 
Stevenson Art Supplies Manufacturing
 and Bienfang Framing Products

There is no submission / administration fee. 
You only pay if your work is accepted to the 
competition. We charge your credit card only 
when you are accepted. 
All proceeds from this competition and 30% 
commission from the sales of the artworks which 
is gallery's share will be directed to UNICEF
to help children. Artists will get all their 70% from 
the sales of their artworks.

December 20 - 26, 2008. Opening Reception on 
Saturday, December 20, 2008, 3:30 - 5:00 pm with 
light fare and and live music. A representative of  
UNICEF will be speaking at this event.