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Ben Navaee Gallery

Ārām and Relaxing Art
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Ben Navaee Gallery has been relocated from 29 Bellair St. in Yorkville, to the beautiful gallery at 1111 Queen St. East in 2006; In July 2011, moved from 1111 to 1107 Queen St. East. The new place is also flooded with natural light and is in the heart of Toronto's film District / Leslieville. 
The gallery is run by Ben Navaee who is a musician, photographer, painter, sculptor and a certified yoga instructor- specialized in relaxation / meditation. His painting style's known as Ārām art. Ārām in Sanskrit means quiet, calm, and taking rest. Ārām art is a mellow and non - expressionistic view of life's phenomena, with immaterial soothing subjects that make the body quiet and peaceful, the mind, calm and relaxed, the spirit, gentle and serene. Ārām art promotes positive emotions for an easy and mindful living. 


Ben Navaee first studied (double major) civil engineering and theory and composition of classical music in Omaha, Nebraska and practiced many years as a civil engineer specialized in concrete structures and technology. In 1995 he turned to computers and studied in Cologne, Germany, computer networking and communications with Novell Certified Engineer designation and worked 5 years in that field. He quit his last job as a senior engineer in Silican Valley, and started studying art in Berkeley, California. He did not go for a degree, just took all the courses that he thought would be helpful to start life as a professional painter. He had practiced art since he was a teenager.

 With photography at first, he did not have much success, he had started learning photography on his own, in a dark room set up in a large closet at home, and eventually frustrated that he could not get what he wanted, gave it up and stuck to his painting. It was late 90s that he got his first digital camera and got back to photography again. Knowing the basics, he could soon get what he wanted and made up for the frustrating times of his dark room. Presently he is focusing on natural light / studio portrait photography. 


In August 2003 he started teaching art and yoga / meditation free of charge to the public. In 2006 he registered Toronto East Community Arts Program- TECAP with the mandate of offering free art education to the community. in 2009 TECAP was registered as a charitable organization. TECAP community believes that

 "free education is a basic human right".