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Ben Navaee Gallery

Ārām and Relaxing Art
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A program that helps kids become familiarized with the basics of Art and Music through the language of melody / rhythm on one hand, and getting to know the composers and their masterpieces on the other hand. With art the excitement of creation through painting, collage, sculpting and photography on one hand, and getting to know masters and their masterpieces on the other hand.

  After a short while you'll be able to find out what the genuine interest of your child in art and music is,
which instrument should the child try out first.
This course prevents you to make premature investment in instruments and training

Kids will be introduced to different instruments of the orchestra.

We also spend a lot of time on getting the rhythm right through percussion instruments and having fun with music.

Different collage techniques will be taught and kids will create their own collage art
figure / Face
1. Brushes and canvas and various tools for painting-
2. The properties of value in painting- how to apply paint to a surface in a manner, which creates an illusion of space.
3. Use of drawing, perspective, value, color, and paint
4. and different styles of painting
5. At the end of painting day they bring home a masterpiece

1. Getting to know plaster of Paris
2. Learning the basics of sculpting
Creating and fine tuning simple forms and applying patina


Kids will be introduced to basics of photography and composition.

1. How a camera works

2. What are different lenses for

3. When to use tripods

4. Flash and Natural Light

5. Learning about composition through elements of design and setting up still life, etc.

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